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I, Corey Shonauer, owner of One World Builders, have always loved building homes and making customers happy. As a young man, I spent my summers working in construction with my family. There I learned not only the hands-on and technical sides of the business, but I also learned the importance of respecting, hiring and working side-by-side with the best subcontractors.

It is quite a privilege to be part of a creative field that results in the construction of beautiful custom homes that positively impact so many lives. For me, it’s truly about creating something beautiful, and making a family’s vision come to life.

Our customers have high expectations, which help us set the exceptional standards of excellence for which we are known. I am involved with the process every step of the way and enjoy sharing my ideas. If my name is on the home, then you can bet I will do everything I can to ensure it meets the buyer’s expectations.

The essence of our success is within our employees and subcontractors. I’ve learned that being loyal to them means they’ll take greater ownership in our projects and put their heart into each one. That means a better end result for our homeowners each and every time we build.

My philosophy is simple – build the finest custom homes by using superior building materials and advanced construction methods, outstanding craftsmanship and talented artisans. We define how a home will look, how well it will live, how long it will last and how much maintenance and service it will require. To that end, we are committed to delivering a home that will allow each homeowner a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Through foresight, preparation and hard work, I believe my team offers you nothing but the best. So if you’re looking for an incredible home and an amazing experience building it, we are dedicated to making both of those things happen. I invite you to bring your family’s ideas to my talented team so we can put your dreams in motion!

Sincerely, Corey J. Schoenauer