Custom Home Building

Our Services: Custom Home Building

Building your own home is the culmination of a lifelong dream, a journey for the entire family, which stirs the soul and warms the heart. Our team at One World Builders has the experience and passion to provide you and your family with the utmost guidance and support throughout your building adventure. Imagine the fun and freedom of sitting down with a team of gifted designers to customize a plan for the home you’ve always wanted; a home that reflects your style and personality around every corner. We believe it is important that you enjoy every step of the way.

Getting Started

At One World Builders, we handle everything from beginning to end and closely monitor every detail of building your new home to ensure your needs are fulfilled. This is our commitment to you.
Through our experience in building custom homes for over 20 years, we have developed a highly organized and disciplined system to keep construction of your new home on time and within budget. Additionally, our process offers the flexibility for us to work with your own architects and designers if you have already hired one. However we have a full in-house team that can cover 100% of the building process from the minute you walk in our office! Seeing families happily living in their new dream homes provides us with a great deal of satisfaction, and it is our goal to give you the same excitement we get from building your dream home!

Listening To Your Needs

The first step in our process is the most important. We dedicate our time and energy to get to know you and your family to discuss your needs, your lifestyle, your habits and your desires,

all of which are essential to understand what you are searching for in a new home. It may seem as if listening to the needs of customers would be common place, however it is surprisingly lacking with many custom home builders. Only by paying close attention to what our customers are looking for, are we able to provide the highest quality of customer satisfaction.


The beauty in building Custom Homes is that every client is looking for a unique style and design that will fit their personal lifestyle. When creating a Custom Home we take great pride in working closely with you to develop a home that is a direct reflection of your creative vision. Not only must the home be an extension of your style preferences, it must also fit the needs of you and your family. We use our experience in architecture to design a home that reflects your tastes and at the same time keep costs in mind. There are many styles of homes we have designed plans for and each one reflects a family’s personal desires. Once we have a concept of your vision, our team goes to work. This is truly our favorite part of the process! It’s where we take all of those ideas discussed in the initial design meeting and create spaces for you that you’re sure to love. We research, we brainstorm and we innovate! With artistic savvy, we design your home with the goal of exceeding your initial expectation. We will present to you a home that is structurally exceptional and aesthetically breathtaking!


This is the first time your vision will be interpreted onto paper as the preliminary design gets underway, making this a very important step in assuring your home matches your original concept. You can also choose an initial home design to work from. We can tweak, noodle or outright change every wall until you are completely happy with the home plan. We have literally hundreds of floor plans you can choose from based on things like size, style and lot dimensions. We will incorporate every swatch, photo, color chip and every note you have been saving over the years.

After determining the architecture and layout of your future Custom Home it is time to start pursuing the many unique facets that will make-up your Custom Home. These are exterior color, driveway material, accenting stone, paints, stains, door styles, wrought iron color and style. Next, the interior selections such as cabinets, counter tops, flooring, paint colors, appliances, and light fixtures. Don’t be alarmed by the abundance of decisions that need to be made. The One World Builders team coupled with an interior designer will help you each step of the way. To view our designing work, please visit our Picture Gallery.

Price Your Plans

Now that you have selected the lot, completed the design and selected the materials for your Custom Home, it is time for us to begin the bid process. Believe it or not, pricing your home is one of the most exciting parts of the process, because you’ll never believe how much home you can build for the money. We can give you a comprehensive, detailed quote within a week. You’ll know where every dollar is going, so you can make changes to your home at any time. If you want to add a media room, an extra eight feet in the kitchen or customize any of the finishes in your new home, you’ll know what they cost and whether they fit in the budget. We meticulously monitor all details, flow and budget during the building phases so that costs stay in-line with your budget and expectations!

Building Your Home

After our management team has completed planning for the construction of your new Custom Home it is finally time to break ground. At this point, it’s time for you and your family to sit back and relax as our team goes to work to build your new Custom Home! Through each phase of construction your home will be built with the greatest attention to detail. Managing the thousands of aspects going into constructing your new home may seem intimidating, but you can rest assured that every step of the process is organized and well thought out. During the months to come our team will be collaborating with our many expert tradesman to turn your conception into reality. We make a company promise to all of our clients that each home will be built with quality from the ground up. And we dedicate ourselves to make it an enjoyable experience for you and your family!

Stop by your location to see the progress of the home. With everything carefully planned and supervised by our management team you can rest assured that your house is on schedule for completion. If you are away on business or live out of state or country, you can visit your lot from your own private client web page featuring weekly photos and construction log updates.

Celebrate & Love Your New Home

Your dream home is complete and ready for your family to move in… Enjoy!